Tikka T3/T3X/T1X Trigger Spring

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–  Reduce factory pull weight down to 1.0-1.5 lbs

–  Maintains all factory safeties

–  Made in USA from high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel

–  Backed by our Lifetime Warranty

–  Compatible with 2-stage trigger found in Tikka T3X TAC A1

–  Compatible with trigger found in Tikka T1X



We here at Elay Precision have been frustrated with the current option for Tikka trigger springs for some time now.  We decided it was time to develop a better trigger spring and share it with our fellow shooters.

What we ended up with is a custom trigger spring for the Tikka T3 and T3X series of rifles that yields an extremely crisp trigger pull weight of 1.0-1.5 pounds, while maintaining all factory safeties. The trigger spring is proudly made in the United States from high-strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel to ensure performance in all conditions.

The Tikka T3/T3X trigger spring ships fast and for free and is backed by our unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

27 reviews for Tikka T3/T3X/T1X Trigger Spring

  1. Danny

    Pull before (with factory spring) and the screw all the way out was 2.3 lbs, now after Elay trigger spring the pull went down to 1.6 lbs with the screw all the way out.
    Awesome. Thanks!

  2. buffybuster

    Received mine and installed. The lightest I could get the T3 trigger with the FACTORY spring was about 20-22 ounces (1.25 lbs). With the new spring it’s down to 14-15 ounces, with no slam fires. Two Thumbs Up.

  3. Tree Man

    Received spring a few days ago but just picked up from po box, i removed my yo dave spring that was right at 1lb 8oz and the elay spring is right at 1 lb and 3 oz with screw adjusted all the way out on both! Guys if you live in the US this is no brainer for tikka owners it takes two to three weeks for a yo Dave spring to arrive from Canada and two days for this spring and half the cost because of free shipping! Thanks a lot bryan and will tell all my buddies about this great new option for tikka owners

  4. fanninland

    Lyman trigger scale arrived so did the swap. With set screw adjusted all the way out I got right at 2lb 5oz with factory spring and 1lb 3oz with Elay spring. These were ave of 5 pulls. Over 10 pulls the Elay spring was consistently within a couple 1/10ths of 1lb 3oz if I took care to do slow steady pulls with the scale.

    Looks like a great product – can’t wait to shoot my T3. Thanks again

  5. IanHusaberg

    I received mine today and installed it into my T3x. I was able to adjust down to the point of slam fire. I backed it off a little and it is magic. I don’t have a trigger scale. I guess it’s just above a pound or so. It’ll do the trick. I did open up my Sako quad and it looks to be the same size factory spring. After adjusting the stock spring screw i was able to get it down to a lower pull weight than the Tikka stock screw. Does the quad need the spring? I’m not sure. I’ll have to go and shoot them both, back to back to tell if it needs the spring.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this modification!

    Thanks Again,

  6. Mark Porada

    Received the spring very quickly and is as advertised. Very simple installation in my T3X Lite. I was worried it would be too light of a trigger pull for a hunting rifle but I found the higher end of the pull weight to be a little higher than the 1.5lbs as described. This was great for me as I really wnated to set the triger at 2 lbs. I did move the trigger adjustment screw almost all of the way out and had the pull down to 1 lb. 5 oz. I then screwed it back in an set it to be just a hair under 2 lbs. I made 10 pulls on my Lyman digital scale and the trigger was very consistent. ALmost all pulls were 1 lb 15 oz. or 1 lbs 14 oz. I had 1 just under 1 lb 14 and 2 just over 2 lbs. I would definitely recommend this spring and will certainly buy one for each Tikka I own. The bonus was the super fast shipping.

  7. Carlos G.

    I just wanted to thank you for the spring set that you sent me.I Finally received the rifle and was able to install the spring, which was very easy to install. The trigger feels like a high dollar trigger now. Hats off to you and your company!

  8. James

    I don’t often post reviews, but this is a great product. I’m getting started in PRS with a Tikka T3X TAC A1 in Production Division. I adjusted the stock trigger down to its lowest setting, about 2 pounds (I don’t have a trigger pull gauge) and my groups are good (0.33 to 0.50 inches at 100 yards, depending on the load). I’ve shot 50 rounds since installation (which was easy) over two separate sessions and my group sizes are smaller and more consistent. The Elay Precision spring takes an already excellent factory trigger to a higher level of performance. Extremely smooth and consistent all the way through the pull with zero grit, hesitation or interruption, which makes it very easy to keep the reticle on target in the glass. This is a must-have for anyone using a T3X action in PRS. It is like shooting a completely different rifle!

  9. Michael Forsyth

    Thanks Bryan the wait was well worth it.I put it in my Tikka T3 A1 Tac Awesome.You couldn’t ask for a better upgrade !!Anybody I run into smart enough to own a Tikka I’ll give my best sales pitch for you!

  10. Michael Forsyth

    Thanks Bryan the wait was well worth it.I put it in my Tikka T3 A1 Tac Awesome.You couldn’t ask for a better upgrade !!Anybody I run into smart enough to own a Tikka I’ll give my best sales pitch for you! I can’t seem to give you a rating 10 stars

  11. William Sellers

    Don’t look any further purchase this spring! Great product, easy installation, and quick free shipping. With the Elay Precision spring installed my Tikka without a doubt has the nicest trigger in my gun safe now. It passed all of my drop/slamfire tests with no issues as well. Thanks Brian for an affordable quality spring sold here in the USA.

  12. chris

    Ordered one of these for my Tikka T3X Tac-A1 and all I can say is what a great product. Groups were great before the spring install, now they’re even better. Install is incredibly simple on a Tikka and the end result is superb. I’ve just ordered an additional spring for my other Tikka rifle. Thanks

  13. Dale G

    I don’t have any way to measure trigger pull so I had 3 friends try my T3X before and after install. Everyone was impressed with the new spring. The trigger in my rifle was pretty good before and is awesome now. Light and crisp. I highly recommend it!

  14. Jonathan Flanner

    The lowest I could adjust my trigger pull weight on my tikka T1x was 2.5 lbs with the factory trigger spring. I ordered a new spring from Elay Precision. Installation is very easy, the written directions are clear and concise. After installation of the Elay spring, I adjusted the trigger pull weight down to 1.25 lb. It may have gone lower, but 1.25 was what I wanted on my hunting rifle.The trigger was just like the factory pull, except at 1.25 lbs. I highly recommend this trigger spring if you want to lower the pull weight of the factory trigger. Plus, with free shipping, the price cant be beat.

  15. Chris

    As a relatively novice rifle shooter, this spring is a game changer. I have it about 1/2 way in on my Tikka T3, and it’s buttery smooth and feels so much better than stock. It’s improved my accuracy/groups by quite a bit. Happy camper.

  16. Mike Polk

    The spring took my trigger pull on my T1X from 1lb 2oz to 13 oz average on 10 pulls

  17. Brian Haack

    I received the trigger spring for my T1x in 17HMR within 2 days of ordering. Installation was easy-peasy. I have not yet measured the pull but compared to the factory setting it is now feather light. Literally night and day difference! Included with my spring was a thoughtful handwritten note from Bryan hoping I enjoy his product. If you own a TX1/3 do yourself a favor and purchase a Elay Precision spring. You won’t regret it for a second!

  18. Sheldon miyakado

    Purchased the trigger spring for my Tikka T3x Varmint and it makes a world of a difference. Following the instructions the detail instructions I was able to get it down to a safe 1#. Glade I found this site!!!! Awesome product!!!!

  19. Chuck Hensley

    Brian, I appreciate your quick delivery and hand written note. I am impressed with the Tikka t3 trigger spring upgrade. For the price of $25~ (3 spring pack) I have a trigger every bit as good as my timmeny (?SP).

  20. Alex

    I recently received my spring and just got around to installing it on my Tikka T3x CTR and I’m impressed. You can’t go wrong with this easy and quick upgrade. My trigger pull with the stock spring and adjustment screw all the way out was at 2.3lbs. After Installing the new spring, I got it down to 1.1lbs without any slam fires or safety issues. Definitely happy with this product and highly recommend it!

  21. Charles Meyen

    I rarely write reviews, but this spring is simply the best value of any product I’ve ever purchased. For $10, it completely transformed my T1x trigger. Easily as good, if not better, than a $300 drop in trigger on one of my 700s. If you have a T1X, order this NOW. Installation takes about 3 minutes and is incredibly simple. Thanks Brian!

  22. Brian

    Easy install, backed the set screw all the way out and smacked my rifle every which way. Hammer never dropped. Pull weight is somewhere south of 2 lbs (no pull gauge here). Best part is the spring was shipped in a little envelope, nothing more annoying than a box and packing peanuts to ship a tiny part!

  23. Dirk Stewart

    Thank you Brian. Installed the spring with no fuss, very easy, and brought my trigger pull down to 1.30
    Last non-Tikka rifle I ended up adding a $300 aftermarket trigger, this was a much better solution and more affordable since I like the Tikka factory trigger but wanted it a bit lighter.

  24. Jim Parrish

    Have five Tikkas, four T3x and one T3. Out of the box triggers were very good but I put an Elay spring in one to try it out. Boy, that was eye opening! Have now installed them in all five rifles and all five have consistent, identical 1.5 pound pulls. Super cheap and easy mod that turns your Tikka factory trigger into something equal to or better than a Timney, Shilen or Rifle Basix that costs a lot more.

  25. Tim U.

    This is the best and most affordable trigger upgrade that I’ve ever done. My factory trigger would only adjust down to 1.5 lbs. After installing this spring, I was able to adjust to 1 lb. Could go a little lower, but that’s what I have the Timneys set on my other target rifles. Very easy install and it passed the slam/drop test, so I’m very happy. Thanks, Brian.

  26. Jacobo

    Installed my trigger spring today and it is awesome! I don’t have a scale to measure pull weight but feels lighter than my yo Dave’s in another tikka. I’m buying another one now.

  27. Joaquin Algaba

    Got the spring in the mail fast. Installed it and got the pull weight down to 1 pound safely. Thanks. Five stars.

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