Elay Precision recommends installation by a certified gunsmith only

Elay Precision assumes no liability for damage or injury associated with the use of the product

Please ensure all firearms safety rules are observed during installation


  1.   Unload rifle and make safe
  2.   Unscrew action screws and remove action from stock
  3.   Remove large 5.0 mm hex screw to detach trigger unit from action
  4.   Remove small 2.5 mm hex trigger screw from trigger unit to access trigger spring and trigger spring plunger
  5.   Replace factory trigger spring with Elay Precision trigger spring. Ensure longer end of trigger spring plunge is reinserted first
  6.   Reinstall trigger screw into trigger unit
  7.   Reinstall large hex screw to reattach trigger unit to action
  8.   Reattach action to stock
  9.   Verify safe operation of trigger in firearm